• Image of Mr. Jimmies - The Undead Doughnut (Classic Pink)
  • Image of Mr. Jimmies - The Undead Doughnut (Classic Pink)
  • Image of Mr. Jimmies - The Undead Doughnut (Classic Pink)

Night of the Living Doughnuts!

Mr. Jimmies - The Undead Doughnut (Classic Pink)

Mr. Jimmies was a mild mannered doughnut, just doing his regular shift at the greasy spoon diner. One fateful night a police officer staggers in... green, incoherent, mumbling. Before Jimmies could get out a concerned "May I help you Sir!?" ... the officer chomped!

Reeling back, bloodied and in shock, Jimmies realized his fate was sealed. The officer was one of the newly turned "undead"....

To be continued...

This is a limited edition, hand painted, cast resin sculpture from an original I made in polymer clay. Each one is meticulously hand painted by me, including all 104 sprinkles! Each figure is signed and numbered on the bottom. Please note, each one is hand painted and small variations do occur. For instance, each sprinkle color configuration will be slightly different. How unique and cute is that!?

Title: Mr. Jimmies, the Undead Doughnut
Medium: Acrylic paint on cast resin. 7" H, 7" W, x 4" D.
Edition: 25 signed & numbered, plus 5 Artist Proofs (AP)

Please Note: After these 25 are sold there will be no more signed & numbered. The mold and original sculpt will be destroyed.

Process: Here is a slideshow of the original sculpting process: Mr. Jimmies process

Resin casting by Firewheel Casting, Albuquerque, NM.

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